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Long Term Care Services & Support

We keep long term care simple. At Core LTC Services, your success is our top priority. Our shared service offerings are designed to maximize positive outcomes and client success. Our team of experts will partner with you to efficiently and expertly process your back-office transactions and provide hassle free solutions.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest processing trends to ensure best in industry practices and processes are in place.
  • Peace of mind knowing experts are looking after back-office functions while your administrative teams focus on patient care and quality outcomes.
  • Maximizing reimbursement and minimizing payroll and technical interruptions allows you to focus on operating at the highest levels.
Does a cumbersome billing process have you leaving money on the table?
Are you ready to simplify payroll, tax filings & garnishments?
Would freedom from administrative paperwork be a game changer for your business?
Are you prepared for evolving labor and compliance demands?
Are there unknowns or security risks that keep you up at night?
Is networking your equipment & tech support a constant drain on the day?

Our Services


Monthly preparation of balance sheets and income statements, being aware of monthly accruals, while supporting special circumstances can be a huge task. Having detailed cost and tax reports for consultants could serve to distract from the management of those assets. We are here to be that secret weapon for you. Stay on top of balance sheets, approve monthly accruals, have the details you need, while managing resident trust accounts and other special circumstances.

  • Monthly preparation of balance sheet and income statement
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and loan balances
  • Review of accounts to determine necessary monthly accruals
  • Tracking of asset purchases
  • Details for cost and tax report preparation at your fingertips
  • Support for bank audits and resident trust accounts
  • Reconciliation of petty cash


Post-acute care and long-term care are continually evolving. Let our team of professionals assist you to optimize revenue through efficient billing collections, cash postings, AR support and more! Our attention to detail in business office performance can positively impact the overall financial health ensuring accurate and timely billing.

  • Convenient single source of truth
  • Efficient problem solving
  • Maximize available funds


Simplify your employee payroll, tax filings, garnishments, and more with our payroll services to get your employees paid for time worked in a timely and secure manner. Our team of experts will provide reporting or deduction for union dues, garnishments, child support and various voluntary deductions. We provide everything you need to navigate payroll so you can focus on providing care to your patients and residents.

  • Payroll, taxes, garnishments, in one service
  • Regular reporting on deductions, union dues, child support etc
  • Focus on other tasks with confidence

Accounts Payable

Our industry experts can assist you in optimizing accounting services so you can focus on other strategic initiatives. Streamline accounts payable functions including payment processing, vendor management, petty cash operating, and 1099 process.

  • Optimize/Streamline accounting services
  • Payment processing, vendor management, 1099 and more

IT Services

Provide remote Help Desk services, onsite tech support via our field engineers, end-point oversight and support, network equipment oversight and support within the facility, project management, and project-based services at a fixed monthly cost. The team brings years of seasoned IT experience, vast knowledge and a commitment for success to the engagement. We are dedicated to providing you with our industry expertise, technology depth and to exceed your expectations and IT objectives.

  • Resolve technical discrepancies
  • Hardware/Software support
  • Team of seasoned IT experts

HR Compliance

The Core LTC Services HR Compliance team is your go to resource for a wide range of HR compliance issues.  Our experienced team will help you formulate workable policies and procedures and provide advice and counseling to help you navigate your day to day HR challenges with the goal of providing practical and cost-effective solutions for long term care employers.  
Services include:

  • Employment handbooks
  • Employment policies
  • Internal investigations
  • Mediation
  • Litigation management
  • Administrative charge responses including Department of Labor and EEOC
  • Leave management
  • Wage and hour
  • Day to day

Labor Relations

The Core LTC Service Labor Relations Team brings decades of labor relations expertise to work for you in the long term care arena.  

  • Union avoidance
  • Collective bargaining agreements strategy and negotiation
  • Labor relations training for LTC Administrators and Nurse Managers
  • Responding to unfair labor practice charges

Treasury Services

Monitor your bank accounts in real-time, track your cash balances, and know your borrowing potential.

  • Daily monitoring of bank accounts
  • Daily track of cash balances
  • Support for Borrowing Base calculations

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